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Experienced, honest and insured.  Don't take the risk this year with your pool.

Give yourself some peace of mind and allow us to take care of things.

Our work is guaranteed!

closing pool winnipeg
close pool winnipeg

Complete Pool Closing   $379

What we do:

Pump down pool water level to 6-8" below skimmer

Drain water from and blow out all associated pool equipment (pump, filter, heater, chlorinator, etc.)

Blow out all suction and return lines

Blow out and winterize slide if applicable

Blow out and winterize fountains/and or waterfalls if applicable

Add foam rope to and seal all lines airtight with appropriate plugs

4 litres antifreeze added to suction line and skimmer (included)

Skimmer protected with foam and/or empty plastic bottles

Remove lights to pool deck and cover

Remove cartridge filters if applicable

Disconnected, unplug and drain UV system if applicable

Place winter cover and fill water bags

Install safety cover if applicable

Solar cover rolled up and protected with poly-wrap for the winter


In-line hot tub winterization  $79

Auxiliary pool pumps  $40 per extra pump on pool system (for fountains, water features, etc.)

Closing chemical kit: $49 


Basic Pool Closing   $279

What we do:

Pump down pool water to 6-8" below skimmer

Complete winterization of pool and all pool equipment as above

*Does not include installation of winter cover

Above Ground Pool Closing   $279

What we do:

Pump down pool water to 6-8" below skimmer

Complete winterization of pool and all pool equipment

Removal of ladder and/or stairs

Installation of winter cover

winterize pool winnipeg

Hot Tub Closing $350 (with pool closing only) 

What we do:

Completely drain tub

Blow out all lines and shop vac all residual water

Clean cartridge filters

Pull plugs and/or disconnect lines to protect all equipment

Add antifreeze to all lines

*Service only available if paired with a pool closing


Service Add-Ons

Cartridge Filter Cleaning  $99

We pressure-wash, soak filters for 48 hours in cartridge filter cleaner and then pressure-wash a second time. Price includes 2 bottles of filter cleaner and drop off service.

Salt Cell Cleaning $35

Cell is cleaned with a mild acid, helping to boost its performance for the next year. Recommended once per year.

Add closing chemical kit $49

Kit includes 1 Kg Oxy-Out, 1 L Meta-Sol and 1 L Formula 500

Water bags  $21.99

HPI brand 10', double chamber bags. Made in Canada.


What do I need to have prepared before you show up for the pool closing?


It is recommended you clean your pool before we arrive.

Having the pool free of leaves and debris in the fall makes the spring cleanup process a lot easier and will likely save you money on chemicals.

We also require an outside electrical outlet powered on, access to your cover and water bags (if applicable) as well as an outdoor water source for filling water bags.

Does someone need to be home?


No.  We don't require anyone to be home to properly winterize the pool just as long as we have access to everything we need.  If you are not going to be home, please ensure that the gate is unlocked and we have access to the winter cover and winterization parts.


Do you clean the pool before closing it?


Our crews will often scoop some leaves but a proper pool cleaning is not part of the pool closing process.  We recommend you clean the pool the day before your scheduled closing for best results.


What chemicals are included with a pool closing?


All the antifreeze we require is included in the price of the pool closing.  Closing chemical kits are $49 extra and available upon request.  We do recommend adding algaecide and a metal sequestering agent to your pool before it's closed for the winter for the most effective transition into spring. If you would like to use your own chemicals and do not want to purchase a closing chemical kit, simply leave your own pool chemicals out on your your pool deck for our crews to add to your pool before the winter cover is placed.


Are you insured? Do you cover the cost of damages if the pool wasn't winterized properly?


Yes, we are insured and we cover all of our work.

What are some extra charges I need to be aware about?

Water bags - If we require more water bags to ensure the winter cover stays on the pool, they will be laid down and filled at a cost of $21.99 per bag. 

Winterizing plugs - if required are $2.99 for ABS threaded and $5.99 for rubber expandable.  

Multiple pumps - if your pool has auxiliary pumps for fountains, water features, etc., it is considered a complicated system and will incur and extra $40 charge.

Vinyl fitted cover - Installation of a vinyl fitted cover is often quite time consuming and may incur an additional charge of up to $40.

Is there anything I need to be worried about?

Only our most trusted team members with many years of experience are responsible for our pool closings.  You can rest easy knowing that every aspect of your pool will be winterized effectively.  Our work is guaranteed and we stand by it.  If any piece of pool equipment is damaged due to our oversight, it will be repaired or replaced at no extra charge or hassle.

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