Avoid the hassle and the mess. Let the experienced professionals take care of your pool opening this year. Nobody does it better!


Complete Pool Opening   $285

What we do:  

Pump off dirty water from winter cover

Remove and bag leaves and debris

Pressure wash and roll up winter cover and water bags

Pressure wash pool deck

Mechanically assemble pool equipment

Prime pump, start system and inspect for leaks

Light pilot light and test heater

Advise on state of equipment and possible repairs needed

1 Kg chlorine shock treatment

Add a spring cleanup $69/hr plus chemicals (includes full water analysis)

Distressed pool: Pools that are in a distressed state and take more than 3 hours to complete the opening will be charged at a rate of $90/hr

Hot Tub Opening $169 (with pool only)

What we do:

Remove dirty water, debris and old anitifreeze

Pressure wash and clean inside of tub

Mechanically assemble hot tub equipment

Fill with fresh water

Balance water chemistry (Chemicals included!)

*Service only available when combined with a pool opening

Safety Cover Pool Opening   $285

includes 2Kg chlorine shock treatment

Basic Pool Opening   $195

A pool opening without the pool cover

includes 2Kg chlorine shock treatment

Above Ground Pool Opening   $195 

includes 1Kg chlorine shock treatment


What do I need to have prepared before you show up for the pool opening?


Please ensure your outside water is turned on, the gate is unlocked and we access to the pool parts that were removed during the winterization process (pump plugs, filter plugs, etc.) Also, if the breaker was shut off over the winter, please have it back on before we arrive.


Does someone need to be home?


No.  We don't require anyone home to open the pool just as long as we have access to everything we need.


Do you clean the pool after you open it?


Pool cleaning is not part of the pool opening process.  If you need help getting you pool cleaned and the water balanced, we can provide a free quote for a full spring clean-up service.


Do you add any chemicals when you open the pool?


A  minimum of 1 Kg chlorine shock will be added to the pool and is included in the price of the opening.  Basic pool openings and safety cover pool openings include a 2 Kg shock treatment.  If you would like to purchase any other pool opening chemicals like algaecide or stain-prevent, we can bring them with us, or you can place an order at the online store.


What if there is a leak after you open the pool?


The opening crew will inspect for leaks with the pump running full prime and attempt to tighten up and repair anything that is leaking within reason.  If a pipe is cracked, or a piece of equipment is broken, we will advise the homeowner and arrange a service call for a proper repair.

How do I pay and what types of payment do you accept?

After the pool opening is complete, we will send a digital invoice to the email address you provided to us.  The invoice can be paid online with any major credit card.  This is our most preferred method of collecting payment.  Cash or cheque is also acceptable.

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