Avoid the stress and the hassle.  Book one of our excellent summer maintenance packages today and enjoy a perfectly clean pool all summer!  


Our Service Guarantee

Our maintenance technicians receive extensive pool chemical education and training.  You can be sure we will balance and maintain the proper recommended levels of chlorine, cyanuric acid, alkalinity, pH and calcium throughout the season. If for some reason, your pool water becomes green or cloudy and unusable during the summer we will cover the maintenance cost until it is remedied.  Service guarantee does not apply to spring clean-up phase.

Additional services

- Add weekly hot tub service for $25/week (Chemicals included!)

Equipment installations/repairs $90/hour 

(minimum $75 charge for a callout)

-Year-end cartridge filter cleaning $99

 (includes 2 bottles of filter cleaner)

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Enjoy a hassle free pool season this year with one of our deluxe summer maintenance packages!

Maintenance service includes all required chemicals for the entire season.  

Receive discounted rates on equipment installations, repairs and emergency callouts.

Free spring cleanup! All extra visits, algae removal and initial spring cleanup chemicals are included in the weekly rate with a minimum 12 week maintenance contract.

*Pre-pay for the season and save $75! 

 (minimum 12 weeks for pre-pay discount)


2 Weekly rates to choose from!


2 visits weekly   $117.50/week

3 visits weekly   $132.50/week 

Every visit includes:

Testing and balancing water chemistry

Skimming pool surface

Vacuuming pool 

Cleaning out skimmer and pump baskets

Backwashing sand filter

Checking equipment operation

Checking for leaks

Logbook entry


Also included:

Weekly non-chlorine shock treatment with Oxy-Clear

Weekly algaecide treatment

Weekly stain-prevent treatment 

Cleaning scum line when needed

Mid-season cartridge filter cleaning

Regular checkups by management and quality control staff

Why book your summer pool maintenance with us?

Winnipeg summers are short!  We know you want to enjoy it as much as possible and that means your pool needs to stay in excellent condition.  By booking our pool maintenance services, you can focus on enjoying your pool instead of stressing over it.


Our pool maintenance packages are a great value!  The weekly rate includes all chemicals for the season with no hidden costs. Chemicals alone can cost homeowners $500-$1000 a year.  If your pool turns green over the summer, it can be a constant battle and end up costing a lot more!

We include the spring cleanup!  Our maintenance staff will spend extra hours getting your pool clean and clear as quickly as possible.  All the extra chemicals and labour will be included in your weekly rate.  This is a $300-$600 value depending on the condition of the pool after opening.

Digital logbook entry with a timestamp! Our maintenance staff records all pool data in real time when visiting your property. As a customer, you gain access to the digital file and can check up and follow along with the maintenance protocol.  This forces accountability on our end and gives you all the information you desire.

Unlike other big pool companies in this city, which focus the majority of their attention on building pools, Winnipeg Pool Guys Inc. has decided to primarily remain a pool service company.  This allows us to focus all of our attention on our valued pool maintenance customers.  Our reputation is quickly growing among Winnipeg pool owners due to our professional work and excellent customer support.


Are there any hidden costs I should be worried about?


No.  You will be charged to open the pool and to close the pool ($299 each) plus the weekly service rate for the number of weeks the pool is in service.  You will not be charged for any chemicals. You will not be charged for additional visits during the spring clean-up phase. Major repairs and equipment replacement will require extra billing but the labour is discounted by 20% for our regular maintenance customers.


How do I know you're adding the right chemicals and the proper amounts?


Our pool maintenance technicians receive extensive training in pool chemistry and we also use a variety of advanced testing equipment that ensures we are accurate with our results. We record all values and chemical additions in a digital logbook in which you will have access to for review.  The logbook includes measured pool chemistry levels, chemical additions by the technician and the ideal ranges.  Besides this, we have separate quality control staff that check up and test pools regularity to make sure the technicians are recording accurately. 


Are you easy to get a hold of if there is an issue with the pool?


Yes.  Just email or call.  We will respond immediately and somebody can usually get to your pool within a couple hours.


Is the pool safe for swimming after the technician leaves? How do I know the pool wasn't shocked?


We will only use chlorine shock during the spring clean-up phase. Once your heater goes on and the pool water is clear, we will switch to a non-chlorine oxidizer to shock the pool weekly which is safe for swimming after only 15 minutes. If we need to use chlorine shock for some reason during the summer we will leave you a note informing you to stay out of the pool for 4 hours.


Do you take care of salt water pools?


Yes we do.  We will monitor your salinity and add salt if necessary at no additional cost. Besides chlorine pucks, salt water pools require all the normal maintenance chemicals as well as weekly shock treatment.

What happens if my pool turns green?


Once we get your pool water clear it would be extremely rare for the water to turn green or cloudy again on our watch.  As part of our service guarantee, if your pool becomes unusable for this reason, we will show up every day to get it clear as quickly as possible and reimburse your maintenance costs until it becomes clear again. 


Do you install pool equipment?


Yes.  We have trained service staff that can install heaters, pumps, filters, salt cell equipment, etc. as well as take care of any major plumbing repairs.


Do you install liners or do concrete work?


No. Unfortunately we do not yet have trained staff to take care of liner replacements or repairs to pool decks.  If you would like any of these services, we have a reputable company we work closely with that can come out and give you a quote.